If you're looking for a Kurukkoo! comic website, it hasn't been put here yet. An early attempt was made, and it looks like this


I'm a CS Major at BYU. I graduate April 2020.



Wall-Ink is a scheduling display system that was built for BYU CAEDM. It costs about $80 per unit to build, making it a whole order of magnitude cheaper. It's totally wireless, so installation cost is just so tape. Lasts 6 months to 1 year on 3 AA batteries. I did most of the programming for both the firmware and the server.

Flashcard Pixel Dungeon

FlashCard Pixel Dungeon is a fork of Shattered Pixel Dungeon that I made with 6 other students for CS428. The idea was to take an existing, fun, and open-source game and add a learning element to it. It mostly works, but there are a couple of serious bugs that will need to be fixed before it'll be ready for real use.

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert was a project I made with my wife to remind us when our food was going to spoil. It turned out okay, but not great. Neither of us use it anymore.


I've worked at the following places:

  1. The Provo MTC
  2. BYU Broadcasting
  3. BYU OIT


My github account is AndersenJ. I don't have a linkedin account because linkedin is garbage. I deleted my account after they illegally spammed me for a while. Everything there felt super weird and fake anyways.